lunes, 27 de octubre de 2008


Hey! Im leaving to the DF! to the first congreso de jovenes creadores so im gonna be off-line for 3 days, i'm going to contest in photography and "Modapremio" (I made one dress).

So wish me luck, and I will post all the pics of the event, and Im gonna finish to post the PFD reviews (yes! I still have a lot of material) Ho! and returning to Puebla there is going to be a halloween contest xD and my desing is inspired by the "Llorona", so i will take photos.

See ya!


P.S. Here you can find pictures of our collection "Killing me softly" , and now you can see my polyvore's outfits on the left bar of this blog ^ ^.

jueves, 23 de octubre de 2008

PFD the designers, the place and a pilón.

Hi! Here I am once again, keeping up with the PFD topic... well, the first day was all about new talents and the PFD project; the next day there were more catwalks, but there were two more important that were Malafacha and Sergio Alcala.

In the first edition of the PFD I saw the Sergio Alcala collection, it was very kitsch and colorful but it was not my style at all; and even thought this time it was a new collection it was very like the past one (in fact there were a few outfits that were exactly the same). Maybe it was because this saturday he will be presenting at the Fashion Week México.
Sergio Alcala

And Malafacha, it was a great surprise for me, their collection was divided in two parts, the first parts was in white and red colors with black touches, and the second part (my favorite) was pretty gothic but not so literally.


This was my favorite t-shirt!

Now, a lot has been said about the place where the event took place, the ex-factory La Constancia Mexicana, but if you want to make a fashion event here in Puebla, La Constancia Mexicana is the more iconic place to do it, (because of the story about how the ships with the machinery sinked several times before they arrived here, and it was because of this factory that Puebla became a textile state). And also I felt that the ancientry of the place melted really well with the runway and the whole context of a fashion event.

My boyfriend is the one on the right xD

Mariana of Puebla Style nominated me to do this meme. thanks Mariana!.

The rules:
Link the person that is nominating
List 6 lame things that make you happy
Choose 6 persons to continue the challenge
Notify them with a comment

1 My dogs saying hello to me (One of them actually smiles)
2 My boyfriend cooking my food
3 Eating icecream
4 Waching tv series with my mom at nigth
5 Staring at the sea
6 Staring at the sky


And finally (omg this was a very long post) I write in english because I want to improve and practice it.

See you next time with more of the PFD, I want to focus more on my teacher's brand's first collection.


lunes, 20 de octubre de 2008

PFD the beginning...

At last! and finally, here I am with lots of pics from the PFD, I wanted to put some advances but it was imposible, literally! (in fact i couldn't even sleep saturday and sunday because I had to finish another dress for a fashion contest) well the first day, we gave the finishing touches on the collection and delivered it on the ex-factory La Constancia Mexicana, I was a little bit nervous because we never had the time to put all the clothes together and check if everything worked as I expected it to.
But! seeing everything in the models It was great! the colors, shapes and everything worked according to the line.
The collection was inspired by the "extraordinary" trend, which is based in the 50's tea sets, kniting, and all things from home and we took also the "new look" of Dior to crown the trend.

We worked with a socks factory, so it was dificult to sew (its like cardigan but thicker) but, the great thing was that they made all the graphics that we designed, so the colors and fabrics were exactly like we wanted.
Our collection is called Killing me softly
So here it is!.

Its only missing one pink dress, but tomorrow i will post it.

Thanks to my boyfriend for the pics.

And theres a lot of material, so stay online for more PFD reviews.

sábado, 11 de octubre de 2008

Chanel, no sleep & squared eggs

Oh my! it has been a while, it's a long story: first the boutique where I was working at is closed now, so i'm an unemployed more in this city, but, the good news come now, the next week the Puebla Fashion Days will take place and there is a project called PFD Project xD and it's about 4 teams of fashion students from 3 of the best schools of the state creating a collection for several factories, so it's pretty exciting.

So here i am and this is my post

Did you see the last catwalk of Chanel? it was so rock n' roll, I totally love it, the guitars and the shopping bags, but... BUT!... the men clothes! oh my God, I fell in love with them!, I want to be a chanel boy. Usually when Lagerfeld creates men's clothes for Chanel they tend to be more sporty, but this time it totally was the essence of Chanel, someone wants to donate some money for my Chanel wardrobe?.

You might be wondering why I wrote about the PFD Project, well because I'm the chief of one of the groups, this past two weeks have been really tough, because we have been drawing, planning, building and coordinating the colecction, but it has also been very glamorous going to the photocalls, press conferences and rehearsals. I will upload the pictures of the catwalk later.
By the way I have making some graphics for the Trufa brand wich will be presented for the first time in the PFD.

And finally the true return of Britney has happened, have you checked out her last video Womanizer? it's great, and up to this point i have seen her wearing a dolce & gabbana belt in the video, and by the way, didn't you love the squared eggs? because I do.

See you next time with lots of pictures of the PFD shows.