sábado, 29 de noviembre de 2008

It's not worthy!

I'm used to hear the phrase "It's not worthy" when people look at the price of a chanel bag on a magazine, even when they look at a Zara's display (roll eyes). But we, the fashion people accept the prices without complain (if the money we have is enough) because we love the clothes.

But guess what?! it's totally worthy! when you see the garment you only see the garment itself, but there is a lot of work behind, and im not talking about the added value that the brand and building gives (you know that in the garment price you are paying the rent, light, the brand itself etc.). There's a lot of work that you dont see, first there's the designer's work and all that it involves like trends (WGSN cost over 100000 pesos per year); and the designer's team (like seamstresses) to develop the collection. Then you have to create samples to see if it is profitable for production, because the complexity of the garment is related to the number of persons that will be working for the brand.

At the same time there are a lot of persons that get paid for different thing like divers, carriers, quality control even the person that cleans the factory. So I´m talking about a huge amount of persons working to bring that garment to your hands, plus the quality of the fabrics, the exclusivity (the more exclusive the garment is, the more it costs, because its a smaller number of pieces but the number of people working is the same) and the talent of the designer made into one piece and its totally worthy!.

I've realized all this things while working for the first Burro collection, there's a lot of work behind that basic tee! believe me! so please dont underestimate the price of a garment because it's worthy!!!.

By the way, school and work are the reasons why i haven´t posted anything new this week. But here I am!.


lunes, 17 de noviembre de 2008

Wen all is said and done...

xD well this weekend I wanted to rest and sleep, but here I am, with a very funny video from the "primer congreso de jovenes creadores". It's about a girl who aparently has never seen a man before. It's a runway not a strippers show.


lunes, 10 de noviembre de 2008

Trufa, Silvia and Trista true to fashion...

Well, I have to finish with the PFD and the "primer congreso de jovenes creadores" subjects, because I still have a lot of runway pictures .

When you hear "new mexican talents" (of fashion), the image of a crazy, unstructured and impossible to wear dress pops up on our minds, the creativity and innovation is important, of course, but the mexican designers have to make weareable clothes, they have to put real fashion on the streets if we want to put the country on the fashion map. Because all the new designers had a lot of stunning outfits and incredible concepts, but what for? if their clothes aren't on people's wardroves, the point of the fashion is to be fashion, it's to be the must of the season.

Most of the designers want to desing for young, slim and tall women, but on real life... well, you know, so, what happens with all the women who want to dress fashion clothes but are too skinny, short or big? well that's the point, to put on target all the real people who wants fashion.

So, luckily there are a few fashion designers making outfits for real people, this last month "Trufa" was launched, very comfortable clothing, very fashionable, and luxurious fabrics, and for the woman that works and wants to be cute and comfortable.

Silvia Suarez goes for the weareable line, taking the scent of the Oaxaca state, very mexican but at the same time classic and on the trend (In fact, for autumn/winter 2008 Roberto Cavalli launched Oaxaca inspired dresses) showing that the mexican folklore can be chic.

And for luxury dresses, Trista would be your option, femenine and stunning, with a delicate silhouette.

Because fashion is all about selling, because in a catwalk it may look pretty but it has to be on the street, on the cover of a magazine, if you make a dress and a million girls would kill for it, you are making fashion. (Of course it has to be innovative and creative, but it has to be bought)


jueves, 6 de noviembre de 2008

Dia de muertos - patrimonio intangible de la humanidad

Hey, let's start with the "day of the death" theme, well as you know at my school we had a costumes contest, and here there are some of them, I designed and made the costume of "La Llorona", enjoy them!.

there's nothing worst than rotted milk xD
La Llorona
Behind the punk band you will find my principals and teachers xD
This is my little niece

And!!!... tan tan tannnn, i'm no longer unemployed!! I'm gonna design a collection for a new clothing brand called "Burro", I'm soooo happy!.

See ya!.


PS. Thanks to Sebastian who took the pics

domingo, 2 de noviembre de 2008

Primer Congreso de Jovenes Creadores

Woaa! I'm back and with a lot of pictures and information of the first Congreso de Jovenes Creadores, actually I'm still dazzled by the conferences and catwalks, so lets begin (because i have a lot of day of death info and I still have some updates about PFD xD ).

Well, in the congress there were a lot of contests; Modapremio is the most important, you have to make a desing with the theme of the contest, in Mezclarte you have to modify jeans and make them commercial, and the new contests of Photography, Accesories and Illustration, in photography my boyfriend won the first place (i will post the photos later). So there are some photos of the contest.


This is my dress for Modapremio but it was too comercial for the contest xD.

For illustration they have to make a sketch in four minutes (You gotta get in line, tick tock tick tock xD )

Also there were catwalks of new talents, and this was the winner collection, I totally love it! and her shoes made for the collection where a big plus.

Trista, Lina Cantillo, Malafacha, Pilar Agamez, Jose Luis Abarca and Santo showed their collections on the catwalk of the PCJC, truly! their collections were amazing, Malafacha was a great surprise, they make denim look diferent but at the same time totally wearable, and Trista! omg i love it, it was femenine, classic and gorgeous, i will later post the pictures of the entire collection.

Blanca Santa Maria made a live photoshoot in the runway, pretty awesome in fact, she started with the model without makeup, all the team there was there (on stage) choosing the dress and Gerardo Rebollo (who accesorized "Killing me Softly" at the PFD) help to coordinate and accesorized the outfit, the photo shoot was amazing.

Sebastian (my boyfriend) took this wonderful pictures of the collection of Abarca, do you like it?

Here are some outfits that were outstanding:

This is the designer of the winner collection of the talentos emergentes contest (I didn't know it when i took the picture)

I love the hair dress

She is Ana Lucia Jaramillo of Colombia, she gave the conference of Definicion y Desarollo de Colecciones, she really knows the fashion scene.

This is me xD

Stay on line because i will post the halloween costumes of my school.
See Ya!

sábado, 1 de noviembre de 2008


Damn, I already had my post but my server wont let me upload the pictures. Please come back tomorrow morning, theres a lot of material.